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Wind foiling will dominate windsurfing

Although wind foiling only started a few years ago, a lot has changed. In the meantime, almost all race surfers have now switched to wind foiling (race discipline). It goes much faster, wind foils run much higher upwind and you can get much deeper down wind. Ideal for race discipline.

In addition, various levels are experimenting with different courses, lengths of the courses etc. It’s far from crystallized, but one thing is clear. Wind foiling is going to change the race surfing permanently.

Wind foil upwind faster than formulaboard

From our own experience and also those of other wind foilers it can be argued that a good high end wind foil is faster upwind than a formula board and can also sail just 10 degrees higher on the wind. In addition, a wind foil can easily maintain the upwind course in a windhole. Downwind can put a wind foil much deeper than a formulaboard. It is possible to completely for the wind with about 14-16 knots. This is not as fast as the wide wind course of a formula board, but tactically speaking, the less distance to be covered in a downwind rak can be an advantage.

Like with formula windsurfing with more wind, a half-wind track with more wind is not really pleasant on a wind foil. A mid-weather slalom board is really faster on this course from a knot or 16.

New Olympic board becomes hybrid board

From the Olympic games from 2024 onwards, the current RS:X will be replaced by the iQfoil. After the 2020 Olympic Games, various wind foil onedesign classes will be set up to develop talents and create a wide field of participants.

PWA Windfoil class in 2019

In 2018, several PWA events were already winded during days when there was not enough wind to slalom. At the beginning of the season, the World Cup pers were still uncomfortably on their wind foil, a number of events later the level and the number of participants had already risen sharply. The danger races have been fun races to date.

In 2019, the PWA started a windfoil class tour as a separate classification. In 2020, the wind foils will be merged with the slalom tour again, with a slalom-like track going to be sailed if there is not enough wind to be able to slalom. In 2019, Sylt has already experimented to sail a slalom course on the foil.

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