We are proud to announce that Windfoilen Nederland is now an official dealer of the cool Swiss brand ENSIS. This new brand specializes in Wingfoilen and is worn by ‘Mad Man’ Balz Muller.

Balz Muller is known for his super radical moves on the surfboard, windfoil and in recent years especially wingfoiling. Half of YouTube is now full of all his crazy moves. This can be seen in the products.

balz-muller logo


The power of the ENSIS brand

The roots of the brand lie in the Freestyle and Wave. A delicious mix of ingredients that are very important to get the most out of wingfoilen. ENSIS wings are characterised by;

  • Deliver a lot of power, so you can wing with relatively small wings to quickly
  • The handling of the wings is above average good, which gives you an extra free and playful feeling
  • The construction is very rigid, making the wings easy to pump
  • The wings feel very stable, allowing you to focus on foiling or the tricks
  • And what you might expect from an A-brand, the finish and reinforcements are tip top on order

Available immediately

As of immediately, we can deliver all ENSIS Wingsfrom stock. Keep an eye on our webshop because the range is going to expand considerably this year :).

Try it yourself?

Do you want to test out the ENSIS wings? Then you can,apply for a test and we plan a test with you!