How do you choose the right wing foil set?

The guideline helps you find the right wing foil material

Wing foils come in all sizes and shapes

Although wing foiling is still a very new fun sport, they are already available in all shapes and sizes. In particular, there is a lot of difference in what is underwater, the wingfoil. But also how big should the board be and how big the wing? Windfoiling Netherlands tries to help you make the right choice.

Light weather or early take off Wing foil set up

You want to wing foil with as little wind as possible and you do this especially on the inland water? Then opt for a wing foil with a large surface area. Depending on your own weight between 1,800 and 2,400 cm2.

The large surface area ensures that you can get up quickly and have a lot of fun with little wind. Don’t expect these wingfoils to be particularly fast. Even with more wind, these wing foils make the large wings more difficult to control, precisely because of the tons of lift.

Larger board with more volume

We know from experience that the wing foils with such large wingses work best in combination with a board that is also a bit larger and has more volume. Think of a length of about 6′,7″ (around 200 cm) and a volume so around 110 to 120 liters.

Size wing

Although the wing is ‘the engine’ of the set, we are less excited to go wing foil with very large wings > (6m2). Simply because the handling and the playful feeling is significantly reduced. We recommend to go for bigger wings on your foil, rather than for a bigger wing!

Only if you weigh 90 kg or more then it is recommended to buy a larger wing.



  • Expert 30% 30%
  • Early Flying 100% 100%
  • Speed 40% 40%
  • Up & Down Wind 50% 50%
  • Handling & Maneuver 50% 50%
  • Volume board 100% 100%

Allround Wing foil set up

Do you want to be able to wing foil in the widest possible wind range, with 1 set up? Then go for a more all-round set up. Opt for a wing foil with wings between 1,300 and 1,700 cm2.

With a good (pump) technique it is still possible to get with about 10-12 knots of wind on the foil. Once on the foil then a foil with smaller wings is a lot faster and more agile. The biggest gain is in the higher wind range, say up to about 20 knots. Then such a foil continues to act well. Many wing foils have the ability to trim the back wing, which makes the lift to be regulated.

Medium size board

A wing foil with smaller wings fits best with a slightly smaller board. A board with a length of around 6’0″ and a volume of about 90 to 110 liters. Then you have enough volume for a fast start and your board still feels agile.

Size wing

In this set up a wing of about 5.0m2 fits best. In any case, opt for a wing with a lot of power, so you can easily get away in the lower wind range. A 5.0m2 is fine to use up to 20 knots. Okay if you also have a smaller wing, this is more relaxing. But it works!

  • Expert 60% 60%
  • Early Flying 80% 80%
  • Speed 75% 75%
  • Up & Down Wind 70% 70%
  • Handling & Maneuver 90% 90%
  • Volume board 60% 60%

Speed Wing foil Set Up

Do you want to be able to wing foil with a lot of wind and go as fast as possible? Then a speed or downwind set up is the best choice for you. Then choose a wingfoil with wings up to 1,500 cm2 with a so-called ‘high aspect’ design. These are wings that are relatively wide and narrow. These wings provide a higher speed, but manoevreerability is much less due to the width of the wings. These foils are ideal for wing foiling up and down wind.

Small board for maximum control

In this situation, choose a board with as little volume as possible. The volume should be just enough to start. Often a board of 70 to 90 liters is sufficient. Speed and control are the main properties that are important in this set up.

Small or medium size wing

Opt for a smaller wing of about 4m2 to 5m2 to generate maximum control and speed with more wind.


Wing foil material testing at Windfoilen Netherlands

It is best to test out which wing foil suits you best. We rent out the most common wing foils, boards and wings and you can try them all out so you can decide for yourself which wing foil set suits you best. For only € 50, – you can try the various wingfoil sets for 2 hours at Windfoilen Nederland. We are happy to help you and give you tips and advice. Check out our range of wing foils, wing foil board and wings and request a test now!


  • Expert 85% 85%
  • Early Flying 50% 50%
  • Speed 100% 100%
  • Up & Down Wind 100% 100%
  • Handling & Maneuver 40% 40%
  • Volume board 30% 30%

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