From the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, IQfoil class is now the new Olympic class for windsurfing. In addition to the Olympic material for adults (women and men), there is now also a unity class for youth up to and including 18 years. Below you will find an overview of all the IQfoil material from Starboard and Serverne with the prices (including 21% VAT) for the rest of 2021 and 2022.

UPDATE: Prices September 2021

The costs for the complete IQfoil Seniorsets are:

  • Men’s set costs € 10.089,- including 21% VAT
  • Women’s set costs € 9.949,- including 21% VAT

The costs for the complete IQfoil youth sets are:

  • Youth set U13 (5,0m2) costs € 6.129,- including 21% VAT
  • Youth set U15 (6,0m2) costs € 6.169,- including 21% VAT
  • Youth set U17 (7,0m2) costs € 6.199,- including 21% VAT
  • Youth set U19 (8,0m2) costs € 6.419,- including 21% VAT

All parts can of course also be purchased separately through our webshop. Below you will find a list of the parts and the Dutch prices (incl. 21% VAT). We can safely ship the IQfoil material throughout Europe.

iqfoil packages

Parts and price list IQfoil Olympic

The prices of the IQfoil are internationally determined, including .b excluding VAT prices. This allows the prices of the iQFoil parts to vary by country. In any case, the prices in the list below are the including VAT prices for NL.

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