Youth has a future, even in the IQfoil class

The iQFoil class is currently being promoted and all talents are now training on the new Olympic equipment. For ‘the next generation’, Starboard / Severne has now also developed a youth one design format. A slightly narrower and cheaper board with 3 smaller sails. 4, 5 and 6 September Windfoilen Nederland organizes together with Windsurfing Association Almere Centraal a try out race and training event to get acquainted with the iQFoil material and at the same time to windfoil the 1st races on this material. This event is intended for all windfoilers aged up to 19 years (from both the Netherlands and abroad) who can already windfoil.

iQFoil youth one design class

For the under-19s, there will be a separate class where you can develop yourself as a competitive surfer on a smaller iQFoil board with a Starboard iQFoil Aluminium Race foil and various sizes of Severne sails (depending on your age) in a new accessible unit class. Starboard and Severne are setting up and promoting this class worldwide, with the aim of starting a new windfoil one design competition with the iQFoil youth from 2021 onwards, with all major windfoil countries. Below you will find by age group what material you can do with.

Junior class U15

In this class you can sail on the Starboard iQFoil 85 Starlite. This board is derived from the men’s/women’s iQFoil board. You use the Starboard iQ aluminum race foil. With almost the same specs as the men and women, however, this windfoil is equipped with an aluminum mast and an 800 cm2 front wing instead of the 900 cm2 that men and women use. Until your 15th year sail with a Severne FGO sail in the size 5.0m2 or 6.0m2.

These sails are a further development of the successful Severne Foil glide sails,but now with 1 batten and 1 camber extra to give the sail better racing properties.

iqfoil-junior pack

Junior class U17

In this class you still sail on the Starboard iQFoil 85 Starlite and you still use the same Starboard IQ aluninium race foil. Only the youth in the class of 15 to 16 years sail with the Severne FGO 7.0m2 instead of the 5.0m2 or 6.0m2. If you already used the 6.0m2 then you only need to buy a new sail, since in the 7.0m2 goes the same mast as in the 6.0m2.

This sail is also a further development of the successful Severne Foil glide sails,but now with 1 batten and 1 camber extra to give the sail better racing characteristics.

iqfoil-junior pack

Junior class to U19

In this class you still sail on the Starboard iQFoil 85 Starlite and you still use the same Starboard IQ aluminium race foil. Only now you will sail with the Severne HGO 8.0m2 (the same sail that the ladies sail with) and you have to replace the 800 cm2 front wing with the 900 cm2 front wing.

iqfoil youth pack

iQFoil test and race event Almere 4 – 6 September

Windfoilen Nederland and Windsurfing Association Almere Centraal organize together with Starboard/Severne a test and demo race event to get acquainted with the youth iQFoil material and at the same time sail your first race in this new unit class. Anyone aged up to 19 is welcome, provided you can windfoil. Of course there will be racing in the age class U15, U17 and U19 and if there are enough participants U13, there will be a separate classification.

During the event there are 30 iQFoil sets available (including the various sailing sizes) to test out and participate in the competitions. Participation in the competitions, including training and use of the equipment costs € 100,-. If you join you, you will receive on Friday 4 September from world champion Gonzalo Costa Hoevel training and he will tell you all about the equipment, the competition and which countries will participate in the competition. On Saturday and Sunday, competitions are organised on the available material.



  • Friday 4 September: wind drills by Gonzolo Costa Hoevel and Robbert Jan van Velzen (talent coach RTC Almere Centraal) from 15:00 to 19:00
  • Saturday 5 September: races, skippersmeeting 10:30 a first possible start 11:30 & evening BBQ
  • Sunday 6 September: races, skippermeeting 10:00 and first possible start 11:00 / award ceremony 15:00.

Event location

The iQFoil youth races are organised in Almere. The exact location will be announced by the end of August at the latest.

Participation only possible at pre-registration

Since there are only 30 sets available, it is important to register in advance, to be sure of participation. You can register via this form.


On the race event site there are (limited) possibilities to stay for free. In the Almere area, the following hotels, campsites & or motorhome pitches are:

BBQ on Saturday night

Of course we want to make it a nice weekend, that’s why we organize a BBQ after the first day of racing on Saturday. For the participants, the BBQ is free. Parents, family and companions can of course also join the barbeque. You can specify this at your sign-up. Costs for the BBQ are € 17.50 per person.

iqfoil olympic class
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