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Get off to a flying start with a clinic from Windfoilen Nederland

Wing skating spectacular for everyone

Wingskaten is a nice new form of wingfoilen, but on a longboard (a kind of skateboard). The wing you use ensures that with the least wind already gets a lot of momentum. With a little sense of balance, you can master wing skating. With a clinic of Windfoilen Nederland you get tips and trics under the guidance of professional instructors to get the hang of wingskaten quickly and safely. Before you know it, you’re already making the most beautiful moves!

In small groups of up to 4 participants you will receive expert instructions and you will be guaranteed to master the wingskating. You’re going to be up to us on top material from Starboard X Airush, Ensis Wings and Atom Longboards. Of course, we also make helmets and knee pads available for extra safety. The wingskate clinics will continue if there are at least 2 participants.

Cost and duration of wingskate clinic per participant

The cost per participant for a clinic of 1.5 hours is € 45,-. The use of the wingskate and protection material is of course included.

Each participant’s own wingskate set

With us everyone gets their own wingskate set during the clinic, so you can work 1.5 hours without waiting.

Location of wingskate clinics

The location where the clinics are held depends on the wind and wind direction, but are always located in or near Almere. The final location will be communicated by mail no later than the evening.

Wing skate locations:

  • Car park / Sail-today, Marinaweg 163, 1361 AH Almere (West / East wind)
  • Parking lot Veerkade / Gooimeerdijk East, Almere Haven (South / North wind)
  • Dashorstdijk / Oostvaardersdijk / Almere (North-East / South-East wind)

Clinic data

Wingskate clinics are given at more than 7 knots of wind (about 3 bft). Year-over-year on the following days;

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Wednesday and Friday afternoon

Start times clinics

  • Morning clinic: 10.30 am (only on weekends and public holidays)
  • Noon clinic: 14:00 (weekend and Wednesday and Friday)


Make sure you wear solid/sturdy and easy-to-sit clothing and shoes with good grip (preferably sneakers).

Up to 4 people per group

In our groups, up to 4 people participate in the clinics at the same time. This allows us to give everyone enough attention to learn windskating in a good way.

What if there’s too little or too much wind?

If the wind forecast is between 7 and 16 knots, the lessons will normally continue. If the wind forecast is less or more, we cancel the clinic. We will send you a message by SMS or e-mail the evening before the clinic (around 18:00) and plan a new date with you. We therefore communicate what will be the final location of the clinic.

Set-up of the windskate clinics

  • Start by explaining how the wing works
  • You will be given theoretical instruction on how to hold the wing
  • You will be instructed on which directions you can take compared to the wind
  • You will practice skateboarding and ‘scootering’ to speed up
  • Most of the clinic you go wingskaten, where you learn;
    • How to get ahead as quickly as possible
    • How to turn corners
    • You can also use trics

We guarantee you that you can wingskat at the end of the clinic. You can stick to that!

The group consists of up to 4 participants. The instructor will guide you in a professional manner. Wearing a helmet and other protective equipment is mandatory during the clinic and is made available by us.

Tip for proper clothing

Make sure you put on easy seated and sturdy clothing. Also, make sure you put on shoes that have a lot of grip, preferably sneakers. Even though you get warm quickly, we still advise you to dress warmly. In cold weather you can also wear thin (fleeche) gloves to keep your hands warm.

When booking a wing skate clinic you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of Windfoilen Nederland.


To learn wingskats it is NOT necessary that you can windsurf or wingfoil. Also, experience on a skateboard is not necessary. The following experience or skills help you learn wingskats quickly:

  • Good sense of balance or experience with skateboarding
  • Sailing or surfing experience help with quick feel of the wing

Our instructors are happy to help you, even if you don’t have any experience with skateboarding or the wind

Very intensive

Experience shows that students experience learning wingskating as intensive. A good condition is therefore important to be able to get the most out of your wingskate clinic.

Postal address:

Krachtveld 43,

Telephone number: +31 612138112

Bank account: NL39 RABO 0327 0300 03
VAT ID: NL001754147B82
KVK No: 32137752


Payment methods:

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Nice to give as a gift

Tip! Give a wingskate clinic as a gift to someone. You can purchase a wingskate gift voucher from us. The lucky one can then book the wingskateclinic with us. Look here for more information about the gift card.

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