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AK Phazer V2 is a versatile wingfoilboard built of reflex carbon (same construction method as the Starboard boards) and available in various sizes. The larger sizes are suitable for the novice wingfoiler and /or the heavier wingfoiler. The smaller sizes are best suited for the advanced wingfoiler. Due to the very light construction, the board reacts very immediately and also gives you a lot of feeling with water happening under the board. This gives a lot of confidence during wingfoiling and challenges you to push your limits.

The boards are relatively thick, so you have the advantage of volume but little ‘swing weight’ because the boards are very compact. The finish of the board is absolutely sublime. The top of the board is nice and soft and offers very good grip. This is partly because the deck runs a bit hollow Of course there are footband plugs in the board and even 3 lightweight foot straps are included as standard

AK Phazer V2 Wingboard, which one should you have?

Starting and/or heavier (+ 85 kg) wingfoiler and for little wind

  • 5’10” – 110 litres | 167.6 cm long x 73.4 cm wide | 6.8 kg
  • 6’2″ – 140 litres | 188 cm long x 76.8 cm wide | 7.8 kg

For the lighter < (80 kg) novice and (slightly) advanced wingfoiler

  • 5’6″ – 90 litres | 167.6 cm long x 68.6 cm wide | 6.0 kg

For the more advanced wingfoiler

  • 5’0″- 46 litres | 152.4 cm long x 53.9 cm wide | 4.4 kg
  • 5’3″- 65 litres | 160.0 cm long x 62.2 cm wide | 4.5 kg

Which wingfoil?

The AK Phazer wingboards work best i.c.m. with the AK wingfoils. Especially with all 3 AK wingfoils, the Tracer, the Plasma and Trek. The type of foil largely determines the ‘feel’ on the board.

Now with FREE wingfoil course worth € 86,-

With purchase you will receive a free wingfoil course from us. You can choose from a wingsurfing or a wing foil course to learn to wing or further improve your technique.

Want to test an AK wingfoilboard yourself?

You can first try out the AK Phazer V2 5’6″ wingfoilboard or a similar wingfoilboard yourself in our test center