Starboard carbon frontwing 900

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With a wingspan of 90 cm and an area of 900 cm2, this is the Starboard front wing 900 the best compromise between the ‘standard’ 800 cm2 and the 1,000 cm2. This front wing is meant to race with. Fast up, lots of lift and higher to the wind and deeper wide winds.

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With a wingspan of 90 cm and an area of 900 cm2, the Starboard frontwing carbon 900 is the intermediate size between the 'standard' 800 cm2 and the ultimate light weather front wing 1,000 m2. This wing is meant to race. This front wing is suitable for the Starboard Race carbon foil or the Starboard Race alum foil. This front wing you use i.c.m. the small 255 cm2 rear wing. This wing is suitable for if you only want to purchase 1 frontwing and is the best compromise between 800 cm2 and 1,000 cm2. The optimal wind range of this front wing is between 8 to 20 knots. Do you want to wind up with more wind? Then use the standard. 800 cm2.

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