Starboard Slalom Carbon Foil

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The Starboard Foil Slalom carbon is a carbon foil with an 85cm carbon mast, an aluminium fuselage of 75cm. The wings are made of carbon, with the front wing having an area of 800 cm2 and the back wing 330 cm2. This is starboard’s high performance wind foil suitable for the slalom oriented wind foiler. Now with FREE wind foil course compared to € 80,-

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Starboard Slalom Carbon Foil

The Starboard Slalom Carbon Foil is the slalom model, of carbon. With this model, the mast is 95 cm long. The Starboard Slalom Carbon Foil is intended for the high performance foilers. The mast is long enough to have enough distance between the bottom of the board and the wings, making the wings less likely to get out of the water. Ideal at sea or inland water with higher waves.

This high performance foil ensures that you already fly under 10 knots and an experienced wind foilcan foil at least 20 knots with it. The large wings and its shape contribute to this and provide more stability and easier 'take off' with little wind. The front wing has an area of 800 cm2 and the back wing 330 cm2. The aluminum fuselage 75 cm. This wind foil is less high on the wind and less spacious than the Race Carbon foil and is therefore less suitable for coarse racing. Compared to starboard's Race carbon foil, this foil is also slightly less stable (front rear stability), due to the shorter fuselage. However, compared to many other wind foils, this is still a very stable wind foil

Our findings on the Starboard Slalom Carbon Foil:

+ A very fast wind foil
+ Fly under 10 knots
+ Very good construction
+ Can by purchasing loose parts windfoil upgrade
+ For experienced wind foiler

- Quite expensive compared to Slalom Aluminium variant
- High end foil, not suitable for novice wind foilers

Who is the Starboard Slalom Carbon Foil suitable for?

+ This wind foil is suitable for demanding experienced wind foilers who are more speed oriented and are looking for that challenge.
+ Looking for maximum speed and also want to wind with more wind
+ Wind foilers who want to foil on inland water with higher waves or at sea

Now with FREE wind foil course compared to € 80,-

When you buy you will receive a voucher for a free wind foil course. You can choose from an introductory course or a course to further improve your technique.

Try it first?

You can first try this wind foil or a similar one in our test centre.


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