Wingfoilen Gift Card

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The gift card wing foilen is the nicest gift to get! This gift card wing foilen can be used for 2 wingfoil lessons. You will be introduced to wing foiling and are guaranteed to make your first meters.



The Wing foil gift card is the gift that makes you happy! During these Wing foil lessons you will get to know the wing foil. After a short instruction you are guaranteed to make your first flight meters You will take this introductory lesson with wingfoil, board and wing of Windfoilen Nederland.

Set up wing foil course

We have split the wing foil program into 2 lessons. During the 1st lesson you will learn how to use the wing and learn to pump effectively. During the 2nd lesson you will learn how to get to the foil quickly and how to get stable wingfoil. After these 2 lessons you will get a guarantee that you can wing foil. To ensure that the wing foil lessons also continue with few participants, we work with a flexible design of the wing foil courses. You always pay the same class rate, only the duration of the lesson increases longer as the number of participants increases. This way everyone gets the same amount of attention during class. The more participants, the longer you can practice wingfoiling. A win-win for everyone! Check out all the information about the wing foil lessons.

Books gift card 2 wing foil lessons

If you order the gift card for the 2 wing foil lessons online, you will receive a voucher in the form of a PDF file that you can give as a gift. If you then want to book the windfoilles, this can be d.m.v. this sign up form. It is important to write down the name that is also on the order!

Please note! The gift card must be used within 1 year of purchase.


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