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Rent wind foils and wind foil sails at Windfoilen Netherlands

Wind foiling is still in its infancy and the development of the wind foiling is fast. Therefore, renting a wind foil (possibly including a board and scum) may be a good alternative. With us you can be sure that you are renting the latest and best wind foils that are available. We have them available to you in all sizes and shapes.

Take to the water with windfoils from the top brand Starboard and Severne Foilzeilen. We’d love to help you choose the wind foil, board and sail that suits you best. And of course you can exchange material during rent.

You can rent from us by hour, per day, per week or opt for a 15-hour stripping card. Below is an overview of the different possibilities with associated rates.

Rental of wind foil material always goes by appointment!

Windfoil huur- en testmateriaal 2020

Prices rent wind foils & boards

Hours / days Windfoil of Board Windfoil + board
1 hour €20 €35
2 hours €35 €60
3 hours €50 €80
1 day €85 €150
2 days €135 €210
1 week €295 €395
10 hourly ticket €185 €295

Prices rent rigging & accessories

Hours / days Wind foil sails Windsurf sail Loose accessories*
1 hour €20 €16 €5
2 hours €35 €26 €8
3 hours €50 €36 €10
1 day €85 €60 €18
2 days €135 €90 €28
1 week €295 €180 €55

* mast, boom, sail, suit, trapeze or shoes. Price is per item

Range of wind foils

Wind foil Type
Starboard Carbon Race +
Starboard GT-R Alu / GTR + Carbon
Starboard Freeride Alu
Starboard Super Cruizer
Starboard IQfoil Aluminium


Range of wind foil sails

Brand Type Size
Severne Hyper Glide Olympic 8.0m2 and 9.0 m2
Severne Foil Glide Olympic 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 m2

Range of wind foil boards

Brand Type Volume
Starboard IQfoil 91 Starlite 165
Starboard Foil 147 147
Starboard Freeride Foil 150 Starlite 150
Starboard IQfoil 95 Carbon Reflex 197
Starboard IQfoil 85 Starlite Carbon 155


Other regular sails

Brand Type Size
Rrd Gamma / Xtra -X 4.2 m2 – 7.3 m2
Gaastra Manic / Pilot 4.0 m2 – 7.5 m2
Severne Freek / Unit / NCX 5.6 m2 – 8.5 m2

Terms & insurance

Renting windfoil and windsurfing equipment is only possible with a valid ID. With the rent, your ID will be taken as a deposit.

Check out our terms and conditions and extensive insurance optionshere.

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