RRD is a brand in the Netherlands that does not play a very important role. Nevertheless, the Italians make very good stuff with a top finish, also with this wind foilboard. Through our partner Van den Berg in Hoorn we have felt the RRD H-Fire Pro 91 very much. With as a direct comparison, the Starboard Foil 177.

RRD H-Fire Pro 91 (carbon version)

Length 225 | Width 91 cm | Weight 9.0 kg | Volume 155 | RRP € 2,699,-

When we see the board, we get very excited right away. The board looks very bold and the materials used are really top notch. The board looks less poorish in shape than the Starboard. The board is very light, lighter than the Starboard foil 177. You can screw the foot straps on the board at 5 different positions, so you always find a good position on the board. It is also noticeable that the nose of the board is relatively thin. Especially compared to the Starboard. The board stays almost 90 cm wide until beyond the rear foot strap, allowing you to stand far out with your hind foot

We sail the RRD H-Fire Pro with the Starboard Race Carbon foil. What immediately stands out on the board that he feels super light at your feet, emotionally the board plans faster than the Starboard foil 177, which makes you take to the skies very quickly. Also in the air, the board feels light and playful. The combination gives a lot of lift and even if the wind falls away you can hold a good time on the wind course. Foiling from a knot or 6 to 7 is possible with this combination (with a large wind foil sail). At the RRD H- Fire, it looks like you’re just a little more lift and busy in your sail compared to the Starboard. You pull the sail on the wind just a little less easily on the deck than at the Starboard.

The wind allows you to push the RRD H-Fire super upwind and tilt something to loef. Large winds make the RRD H-Fire feel just a little less stable than the Starboard. The RRD keeps you just a little more in class, where you can make the Starboard run a little easier.

The RRD H-Fire has a small 20 liters less volume than the Starboard. You can see that especially in the front part of the board. With tack you notice that the board dives underwater faster than the Starboard. You clearly have to adjust the technique to keep the speed in and fly back quickly.

The RRD H-Fire Pro 91 is available is our webshop

3rd at NK Windfoilen October 2018

We used this board during the NK wind foils in October 2018 and thus finished 3rd


Also relaxed freeracing

The RRD H-Fire is also well suited to foil back and forth relaxed and free-race. The board flies very easily, is nice and wide and feels light and playful. The Starboard lends itself a little less for that because it feels a bit big and blomp. This board is also fine to foil with small sails.

RRD H-Fire also in cheaper wood version

This board will also be available in a word version at the beginning of 2019 and will cost around € 2,100,-. This board is then up to 1 kg heavier, but also less vulnerable. We expect the properties of the wood version to be similar to the carbon version and therefore perhaps a better choice than the €500,- more expensive carbon version.

Testing the RRD H-Fire yourself?

We have this board in assortment and you can test and rent. Check the rental page or test for the most up-to-date models and prices.