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Are you considering buying a wind foil and want to find out what suits you first? First, try us on the Gooimeer in Almere the most common wind foils. For 2 hours you can test various foils (including board) without obligation for 50 euros. On the Windfoil Guide page you can read more about the various types of wind foils. Because by now there are already a lot of wind foils on the market. Some wind foils can be mounted under a normal board. There are also wind foils where you are required to purchase a special board. There are wind foils that focus on performance and a high end speed and there are wind foils that have much more of a freeride character. Find out what suits you best!

Most common wind foils available to test

On the rental page you will find an overview with the available wind foils that we have lying around. You can also take windfoil lessons with us, see our offer on the Windfoil les page. During the lessons you can also try out multiple wind foils.

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