Windfoil competition training

Improve your technique and performance with competition training from Windfoilen Nederland

Windfoil competition training for better performance

Wind foilen is taking an ever bigger flight and more and more races are being won ‘on the wind foil’. Time to work on your performance to get the most out of your set. Windfoilen organizes weekly windfoil competition training in collaboration with rtc windsurfing.

Every Friday afternoon

Every Friday afternoon from 15:00 to 18:00 you can participate in competition training for € 10,- at a time. This training is intended for wind foilers who can already wind foil (keep wind foil and up and downwind stable) and want to improve their technique and tactics. The wind foil training continues when the wind forecast is at least 8 knots! These wind foil wedtrijdtraingen are organized from 1/2 March to 1/2 November.

Rental wind foilset

If you don’t have your own set or can’t take it, you can rent it from us. Book your material in a timely manner as the participants in the RTC program take precedence over the use of the material.

 Objective windfoil match training

The goal of wind foil match training is to work together on the technique, tactics and performance of the wind foiling aimed at wind-foiling competitions. The material and performance therefore play no role in this.

Set up wind foil competition training

The training starts with a preliminary discussion, in which it is inventoried what the learning/development points of all participants are. The training is being implemented, for example, due to the weather conditions and development points.

Then the water training starts. This training is led by the professional RTC coaches (Robbert Jan van Velzen) together with the trainer (Marco Boone) of Windfoilen Nederland. Water training lasts until about 2.5 hours.

After we get off the water, a debrief immediately follows. In many cases, photo and video recordings are taken for the review to get specific feedback.

Topics training

  • Windfoil technique
  • Windfoil pumping technique
  • Start and start tactics
  • Learning wind foiling gype
  • Training on upwind and downwind skills
  • Upwind and downwind tactics
  • General match tactics
  • Meteo & local weather/wind situations
  • Tuning

Minimum level of wind foiling

This wind foil competition training is only intended for windsurfers who can already wind! We expect you to manage the following at least:

  • Can stay in the air for at least 80% of the time and have already found a reasonable balance on the foil
  • You can already wind foil up and downwind
  • You are able to get pumping your set already with low wind in plane and up

If you can’t or can’t wind up the above yet, we recommend you to take a (private) lesson first.

The location in Almere ideal for wind foiling

The location where the wind foil courses are held is ideal for wind foiling. We can enter the water via a sandy beach and after about 20 meters it is already deep enough to get on and to sail away without risk of getting stuck. The Gooimeer is sufficiently deep everywhere and there is enough space to wind up unhindered.

The windsurfing club has changing rooms and showers. Check out the current images via the webcam here.

Free parking on the surf beach

On the Gooimeerdijk on the surf beach there is enough parking for car and possibly a surf trailer. The good news is also that parking is FREE!

Work on your performance with windfoil match training

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