Wingfoilen is only just new to the market but with the introduction of the wings a new board sport has been added for on dry land; Wingskaten (or wing boarding!).

Wingskaten is a fun and useful alternative on cold days

Wingskaten is the perfect way to practice your skills without getting a wet suit. You can already grow some board feeling with it and it is perfect to get to know your wing better. Our experience is that in no time you can pick up the wingskaten and enjoy it a lot of fun and profit. In addition to balance learning, you can, for example, practice with getting power out of the wing. In the beginning it takes some getting used to, but soon we roll the first ‘rides’ up and down. You will quickly learn how to position the wing properly so that it remains free from the ground, something that definitely helps when wingsurfing (on the water). Also, useful skills like pumps, jibes and switched stance roles are good to practice on land.

    Wingskaten has a lot of potential?

    The power of wingskating is that you can start within 1 minute. Just pump up the wing and you’re ready to go. The speed can also be dosed well. Wings are good power loosen and with that you keep a lot of control over your set and the chance of falling is very small and you still have the ‘freedom feeling’ of wingfoiling. In addition, you pick it up faster than, for example, kiteskating and you need less space, although we recommend keeping enough distance from pedestrians and obstacles.

    Learn wingskate yourself? Here are some tips;

    • Start first session with at least 10 knots; gradually as you get better at pumps you get going with less wind
    • Find a (straight) stretch of road where you can tear about half wind
    • On asphalt, a longboard works easier than a mountainboard (=a lot of resistance)
    • Watch out; there is a risk of damage to the wing; The shorter the wingtips, the better! Larger than a 5m wing is not recommended. If necessary, you can attach some tube insulation to the wingtips.
    • As with all boardsports; Always wear a helmet!

    Follow Wingskate clinic?

    Windfoilen Nederland now also organizes Wingskate clinics of 1.5 hours. In small groups you will get to work after a short instruction. Each participant has his/her own set at his/her disposal, so you can also spend 1.5 hours. The costs including material and protection are € 45,-. Here you can find more information and you can sign up for a Wingskate clinic.