Wingsurfclinic in the May Holidays

Get to know this new and fun fun sport once cheaply for € 10,-

We’re still allowed to teach classes and clinics. We do that safely and Corana proof. Read here what measures we take to provide safe lessons

Wing surfing spectacular for young and old

Wingsurfing is a new and spectacular form of water sports. Wingsurfing is a cross between windsurfing and kitesurfing. The biggest advantage is that you learn wing surfing more easily than windsurfing or kitesurfing. The wing weighs less than 3 kilos and therefore it is much lighter than windsurfing and you can go quickly with little wind.

Wingsurfing is for young and old. Children from about 12 years old can already learn wing surfing. During our clinics, our professional instructors give tips and trics to quickly master wing surfing.

Action: For only € 10,- learn wing surfing in May holidays!

Thanks to a contribution from the Incentive fund Sportproviders can now introduce all residents of Flevoland to wing surfing at an affordable price. During the May holidays you can therefore follow a Wingsurf Action clinic for only € 10,- per person. This amount includes use of material and wetsuit.

Set up Wingsurf clinics

In small groups of up to 6 participants you will get expert instructions and you will quickly master wing surfing. You’re going to be up to us on top material from Starboard, Starboard X Airush and Ensis Wings. Of course, we also make a wetsuit available. The wingsurf clinics continue if there are at least 2 participants.

The clinics last 2 hours and 15 minutes. After a short explanation and instruction, you and the instructor immediately go out on the water to practice yourself.

These clinics are made possible by:

Books wingsurf clinics

Choose the desired clinic below and book and pay directly online. The (payment) confirmation is also your proof of registration. By booking a wingsurf clinic you agree to the general terms and conditions of Windfoilen Nederland.

Date clinics May holidays
Morning clinic (start 10:00 am)
Afternoon clinic (start 13:00)
Monday, April 26 Book this clinic Book this clinic
Wednesday, April 28 Book this clinic Book this clinic
Friday, April 30 Vol! Vol!
Monday 3 May Book this clinic Book this clinic
Wednesday 5 May Book this clinic Book this clinic
Friday 7 May Vol! Vol!

Start times Wingsurfclinics

  • Morning clinic: 10 a.m.
  • Afternoon clinic: 13:00

What if there’s too little or too much wind?

If the wind forecast is between 10 and 20 knots (wind force 3 to 5), the lessons normally continue. If the wind forecast is less or more, we cancel the clinic. We will send you a message by SMS or e-mail the evening before the clinic (around 18:00) and plan a new date with you.


We give the clinics at the Surfstrandje in Almere Haven at the Windsurfvereniging. Address location:

Wind foiling The Netherlands
Gooimeerdijk West, Surfstrand port 2
1353 CT Almere
Tel: +31612138112

Design of the wingsurfclinics;

  • Start by explaining how the wing works
  • You will be given theoretical instruction on how to hold the wing
  • You will be instructed on which directions you can wing surf in relation to the wind
  • Most of the clinic you go wingssufen, where you learn;
    • How to get ahead as quickly as possible
    • How to turn around
    • Learn to go as fast as possible

The group consists of a maximum of 6 participants. The instructor will guide you in a professional manner. Wearing a wetsuit is mandatory during the clinic and is made available by us. When booking a wingsurf clinic, you automatically agree to the general terms and conditions of Windfoilen Nederland.


Anyone can master wing surfing with a little practice. There is no need for windsurfing, sailing or paddle boarding. However, we do know from experience that people with windsurfing get to know it a little faster. Children (from about 12 years old) also generally take it a little easier than adults.

Skills that help to learn wingsurfing quickly are;

  • Experience with windsurfing and/or paddle boarding
  • A good sense of balance
  • Experience with sailing sports (wind feeling)
  • Good condition
  • A swimming diploma

    Do you have any doubts or have any questions? Call or email us..



    Postal address:

    Krachtveld 43,
    1359 KK ALMERE

    Telephone number: +31 612138112

    Bank account: NL39 RABO 0327 0300 03
    VAT ID: NL001754147B82
    KVK No: 32137752


    Payment methods:

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    Nice to give as a gift

    Tip! Give a wingsurf, wingfoil, wind foil or wingskateclinic as a gift to someone. You can purchase a gift voucher from us for this. The lucky one can then book the clinic with us. Look here for more information about the different gift cards.

    Experience the thrill of Wingsurfing